Coming Soon… I’m Afraid That

October 23, 2018

Coming October 29, a podcast that tackles fear and finds out where it comes from.

Episode 1: Jenny Slate is Afraid of Ghosts

October 28, 2018

Jenny Slate is afraid of ghosts. Host Daniel Zomparelli talks to the writer, actress and comedian (Park and Recreation, Venom) about growing up in a haunted house and the problem with unfinished business. Fear expert Margee Kerr, author of Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear, weighs in on why one woman's fright is another's definition of fun.

Episode 2: John Early is Afraid of Dinner Parties

November 4, 2018

John Early (Search PartyThe Characters, 555) is afraid of dinner parties. We talk with the comedian/performer about friends socializing, gender performance and signs of party success. We also check in with Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick) and Sarah Taylor (host extraordinaire) for hot tips on leavings guests — and the host — happy.

Episode 3: Our Lady J is Afraid of Screeching Metal Sounds

November 11, 2018

Our Lady J (TransparentPose) is afraid of screeching metal sounds. Host Daniel Zomparelli talks with the writer/producer/musician about what sparked the fear and how trauma helped develop it. He also chats with psychotherapist and art therapist Benjamin Davis about how transphobia in society can cause these fears and trauma, and how we can work towards creating a safer space for our trans youth.

Episode 4: Liza Dye is Afraid of Another Major Accident

November 18, 2018

Liza Dye is afraid of another major accident. Host Daniel Zomparelli talks with the writer and comedian about the tragic subway accident that changed her life, and the PTSD that followed. He also chats with Stacey Slate, our resident expert and mental health counselor, about how PTSD can affect our fears and what friends and family can do to help those struggling with it.

Episode 5: Andrew Ti is Afraid of Public Speaking

November 25, 2018

Andrew Ti, host of Yo, Is This Racist?, is afraid of public speaking. Host Daniel Zomparelli talks with the writer and podcaster about his fear of performing in front of an audience. He also checks in with resident expert Stacey Slate and public speaking expert with Sarah Kessler on what makes performance anxiety so common.

Episode 6: Gabe Liedman is Afraid of Falling

December 2, 2018

Gabe Liedman (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Obvious Child, Pen15) is afraid of slipping and falling. The comedian and writer tells host Daniel Zomparelli what makes him so frightened of slippery surfaces, while resident expert Stacey Slate explains how simple fears can be about something deeper — or our human instincts.

Episode 7: Ali Liebegott is Afraid of Exercise

December 9, 2018

Ali Liebegott (Transparent, The Conners) is afraid of exercise and getting tired, so host Daniel Zomparelli talks with the novelist, poet and actor about how that fear developed. We also chat with resident expert Stacey Slate, learn tips from fitness expert Jasmine Danielle, and hear about a gym created with inclusivity in mind.

Episode 8: Jordan Peele is Afraid of Attention

December 16, 2018

Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us, Key and Peele) is afraid of unwanted attention. Host Daniel Zomparelli talks with the award winning writer and performer about how he conquered that fear and how it helped inform his blockbuster film Get Out. We also talk with black horror expert Tananarive Due about why Peele's film is able to capture that fear so succinctly.